Historical monuments nearby

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  • "Molnár István" City Museum - CRISTURU SECUIESC
  • CRISTURU SECUIESC, 12 Kriza János Street
  • 1822-1834, 1866
  • HR-II-M-B-12800
  • The Calvinist Church was built between 1822-1834 on the site of another smaller church, severely damaged, that was erected in the XVII century (1632-1644) by Cristuru Secuiesc Reformed community. In 1866, upon the foundations of the old church tower, another tower is built. The church, with stone masonry and brick is shaped like a large rectangular vessel, with a polygonal apse, and a bellfry on a square plan added to the Western wall. It has a low triangular tympanum exonarthex in the center of the North facade. The authors of the Church are Carol Malitzek and Endre Karacsoni, a Brasov engineer, helped by master builder Ioan Szecsenyi from Cristuru. The organ was built in 1869 by Istvan Kolonits from Targu Secuiesc. In the XX century, a series of interventions on the church and bell tower are made, according to information found in various inscriptions on the church steeple. The last interventions are made in 1995.
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