Historical monuments nearby

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  • "Petõfi Sándor" Memorial House - ALBEȘTI
  • ALBEŞTI, 121 Lungă Street
  • XV Century
  • MS-II-m-A-15590
  • People and events associated with the history of the monument: Order of Franciscan Friars (builder), Arva Bethlen Kata, damaged during the 1848 Revolution.The church has a polygon shaped choir, rectangular nave and a tower attached to the west façade, while the church is oriented from the east to the west. The buttresses of the tower, nave and choir, the arched windows of the choir and the cross shaped ribs of the vault clearly point out the time of its construction. On the apse’s keystone an Agnus Dei is sculpted, and the keystone from the squared span has a star shape. On the north side, the choir had a sacristy that was demolished. On the west side of the nave there’s a wooden gallery. The present nave was built at the end of XIV-th century or at the beginning of the XV-th century. The altar with ribbed vault was built in the XV-th century.
    Date of restoration: in 1721 it’s restored by Arva Bethlen Kata, repaired in 1826-30, 1850 – partly repaired, completely restored in 1889-90.
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