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  • Art Museum - TULCEA
  • TULCEA, 2 Grigore Antipa Street
  • TL- II –m- B-05973
  • It is housed in a neoclassical building, built between 1863 and 1865, as the administrative palace of the Sanjak of Tulcea, at the time called Pasha’s Palace, which has seen many changes. After the union between Dobrogea and the rest of the country, in 1878 it became the headquarters of the Prefecture of Tulcea County, with the County Tribunal, the Bailiffs Corps and the Jurors’ Court on the ground floor. Between 1877 and 1970 it held on to its designation as administrative palace, serving as the seat of the Prefecture, the Court, the District Attorney, the Bailiffs Corps, the Jurors’ Court, and (from 1950-1970) the People's District Council and People's County Council.
    It has been wholly restored between 1893-1895 by engineer Stefan Borsch and partially in 1941 (following the earthquake of 1940).
    Between 1950 and 1970, it served as the People's District Council of Tulcea. It becomes the Museum of Art on august 23rd 1982.
    It is rehabilitated and restored in 2012 by project manager, architect Aurel Baptism. Due to excessive humidity, the state of preservation was poor and therefore the project for restoration of the building was completed. During the restoration works earlier structures of the building were discovered and changes were made to bring the building back to its original shape.
  • Sursa: DJPCN, INP, informaţii proiect, Restaurare şi reabilitare Muzeul de Artă Tulcea, Autor: arh. Aurel BOTEZ, Coautor: arh. Andrei ATANASIU
    Birou de proiectare: ABRAL ART PRODUCT SRL, Anuala de arhitectură, București, 2012.