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  • "Iuliu Meszlenyi" Church Art Collection - SATU MARE
  • SATU MARE, 21 Libertăţii Square
  • 1798-1842
  • SM-II-m-A-05224
  • The Art Museum is housed in the Neo-Gothic style building erected in the second half of the 19th century, a building that was registered as architectural landmark. In the nineteenth century, this land held a warehouse building for the city of Satu Mare. In this building, the peace treaty of Satu Mare was signed in 1711, following the defeat of Francis Rakoczy II’s revolt.
    The building has an L-shaped plan, comprising of two buildings with different architectural styles from different periods of construction.
    The house is located on the southeast corner of the market in alignment with the "L" shaped pavement. The inner wing was extended with a single floor structure. The rest of the building has two floors. The building is constructed of load-bearing brick walls and stone foundations. At the façade line on the ground floor, there are four rooms with square shaped vaulting. In the courtyard there are several smaller rooms that are located on a corridor. The stairwell is attached from the courtyard side. Upstairs there are also corridors servicing five rooms. The doors and windows have oak frame ogives. Above the door is a drum with a round window. On the front there was a red marble commemorative plaque regarding the peace of Satu Mare from 1711. Currently the building houses the County Museum of Art department.